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The role of Quantum Creation in science:

Quantum physics has proven that light is an engaged with every atom in the universe. These include the atoms involved with every human thought at any moment. It means that light plays an important role in the quantum creation. Light provides a means for God to know everything from the beginning to the end of time. God and light possess similar qualities. Quantum creation ministries are a website in which more interesting topics such as physics, quantum physics, and God’s creation of the world explained.

Slide_0For centuries, people have wondered how could God be involved with the everyday ongoing interactions of the universe and Quantum physics has provided an answer. If God is light or controls light, then it is true that God holds all things together. A similar transformation is occurring regarding the possible existence of God, specifically, is described in the Bible. All the topics are described logically and scientifically in the quantum creation. To get more details, Visit at


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