Get the brief information of quantum physics by Dennis Zetting:

Quantum science is not so difficult to understand. The quantum creation describes the how God among his creation. Quantum physics involves the connection between electrons and the electromagnetic force of nature, otherwise known as light. Scientifically, the energy called light is known as electromagnetism, and the light spectrum is the Electromagnetic Radiation Spectrum. Further, light can exist in two possible conditions; as a wave or a particle. It results in what may appear to be some very strange conclusions about the physical world.


Quantum creation ministries are a website in which more interesting topics such as physics, quantum creation, and God’s creation of the world explained. For centuries, people have wondered how could God be involved with the everyday ongoing interactions of the universe and Quantum physics has provided an answer. If God is light or controls light, then it is true that God holds all things together and brings the form to all objects in the universe. All the topics are explained logically and scientifically by Dennis Zetting. If you want to learn then come, join and learn the how God within his creation at


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