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Learn the principle of quantum creation science

Quantum theory is easy to understand. It is a part of physics explaining the nature and behavior of atom, molecular. Quantum creation defines the important chapter of physics. Quantum mechanism explains the behavior of matter. This mechanism helps to describe the interaction with the energy at atomic, molecular and subatomic particles level. Quantum theory of physics is different from the classical physics. It is the science of the very small.


Dennis Zetting explains the complex theory of physics. Quantum creation describes the principle of physics Dennis describes that how to God lives in his creation. There are so many topics written in scripture that can now explain scientifically and logically. All things from creation, to angels, to heavenly realms, are addressed by an advanced physics. Dennis describes you how to God work with his creation that you not heard before. We provide you remarkable video on Genesis story of creation. The quantum principle delayed choice quantum eraser effect and Wave/Particle Duality is prevalent in the Genesis video.


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