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Get the brief information of quantum creation science

Quantum physics doesn’t have to be tough to understand and boring. I define it come ALIVE and show you how science points to the creator. It is exciting. Learn how to God deal within His creation that you’ve not heard before. Quantum theory helps to understand the quantum creation of physics


Based on quantum perspective, Genesis evidently defines the starting of creation being in the invisible state. Be aware that quantum physics researchers have a huge problem with the Wave/Particle Duality Principle. This principle expressed that “everything” is in the invisible wave state. An “observer” observes it into a visible existence.  If there is NOT “an observer,” then everything must be in the invisible wave existence. This principle defines by the famous Double-slit Experiments Physicists have the many problems answering the question. Quantumcreationministries provide you online eBook of quantum creation. We describe you how easily quantum and classical physics can define the miracles described in the Bible. We give you knowledge about universal principles that take place.


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