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Did You Know? Quantum Science has OVERWHELMING evidence to support the existence of God!!

In the past, the search for God through an examination of classical physics yielded few satisfying results because arguments for or against God’s existence relied heavily on broad interpretations as well as god’s creation of the world. However, with the advent of Quantum physics, an entirely new world of reality has opened. We now know that the universe is infinitely more complex than our simplified worldviews allowed us to imagine.

There is a transition in science taking place that is shifting perspectives of how the universe works and it is spearheaded by discoveries in quantum mechanics. Almost every modern day of advancement, from computers to cell phones, to satellites, to medical devices is due to this relatively new branch of science. Quantum physics studies how energy, matter, and motion occur at the smallest levels; including the minutest discrete packets of energy called quanta, and the tiniest known objects in the universe called particles. It is an Alice in Wonderland world where science has forever stepped into the sphere of bizarre phenomena that has puzzled the mind of every quantum physicist for the past 100 years. Quantum physics mechanics, as well as all the quantum physics theories, are explained in quantumcreationministries.

Atom-nucleus-electron-proton-quark_cropped 08


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