physics, science

Where do you see God in creation?

Dennis Zetting makes the quantum science an interesting subject by making it alive and also shows how science points to the creator mean God. On quantumcreationministries, you will able to know how God works within his creation of the world and you will never hear it before. Moreover, on this site, you will also able to understand how evident God is in science. Instead of this, many other topics like heavens, angels and miracles are also explained scientifically and logically.

Furthermore, learning how miracles can occur is a very exciting topic. Both the string as well as classical physics can explain many of the miracles which are described in the Bible. God’s creation of the world is also described in this website. Moreover, all the miracles on this website are explained through present laws of physics. Instead of this, quantum basics, as well as many quantum physics theories, are described by Dennis Zetting. Moving ahead, many other topics like quantum entanglement and quantum tunneling is also described on this website. For more details visit quantumcreationministries.


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